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Svf mod 滿雕 bf機械盒

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Video Title :Now you watch Svf mod 滿雕 bf機械盒 Video on
Category : People & Blogs
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Time : This Video duration is 7:17 munite.
CH. Name : 林爾瀚 is the woner of this video.
Updated : Last update at Saturday 20th January 2018
Views : Total 978 views
Likes : 4 user like this.
Dislikes : Total 1 users dislike.
Source : YouTube

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Description For Svf mod 滿雕 bf機械盒

原諒我實在有點忙 所以很久沒上介紹影片了 今天介紹svf bf mod 細微的地方也不放過的精緻外觀 好拆卸的墊片設計 我一直強調墊片一定要好拆卸 因為沒有一台機械盒能倖免需要保養 但他沒安全鎖 要買要考慮一下喔
Svf mod 滿雕 bf機械盒
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